Drinking lemonade in excess is dangerous for health

Lemon Water: Life seems incomplete without lemonade in summer. Many people drink lemon water after having food or when they come from outside. But do you know if you are drinking lemonade more than once a day then it can create problems for you. On the other hand, drinking lukewarm water with lemon on an empty stomach in the morning reduces weight. Apart from this, lemon is also very beneficial for your digestive system. For your information, let us tell you that vitamin C is found in abundance in lemon. Which is effective in eliminating stomach related diseases forever. But anything in excess is harmful. Then what is lemonade?

What diseases can be caused by excessive lemonade, health expert’s opinion

Abdominal pain

Vitamin C is found in plenty in lemon. But if you drink it more then it increases the acidic secretion in the stomach. Because of which pain starts in the stomach. Not only this, due to this, the problem of vomiting, stomach loss can start.

ulcer and toothache

If you have a habit of drinking more lemonade, then problems can start for you. The citric acid found in it causes swelling in the oral tissues. Because of which blisters start forming in the mouth.

dental problem

If you are addicted to drinking more lemonade, then you should not drink directly, but should use more and more straws. Because of which your teeth will not become weak before time.


By drinking more lemonade, you can start the problem of dehydration. You may have to go to the washroom again and again.

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