Due to these mistakes, there is more pain during periods

What Not To Do In Periods: Women have to go through problems like periods. Some have more pain, some overflow, some are troubled by back pain, some have loose motion, vomiting. Sometimes the pain increases too much, then medicines have to be taken. Many times we also make some mistakes during periods due to which we may have to face a lot of trouble. Let us know which things we should not do during periods.

Avoid these things during periods

1.Without Making a condom relationship: First of all physical relationship should not be made during periods and even if you are making then you should make it with safety. If you make a relationship without a condom, then the risk of sexually transmitted diseases increases. Do not have any sexual activities without condom. During this, you have to take full care of all kinds of hygiene.

2. Distance from fast food: During periods, we have to worry a lot about our stomach. You have to give rest, in such a situation, you should not eat any such foods which will make your stomach bloated. Drinking too much coffee, drinking cold drinks, eating excessive fast food which has high sodium content, eating spicy food can increase your bloating problem. Your pain may also increase, so avoid eating such food.

3.Keep yourself hydrated: During periods, we have to take full care of hydration. If you do not keep yourself hydrated, then it will trouble you even more, along with water, consume cucumber, coconut water, juice.

4.Don’t demotivate yourself:< /strong> When there is more pain in periods and we are lying on the bed, then we start feeling that we are worthless, in such a time pimples also start appearing. Don’t let yourself think about all these things because this is one thing which will end in 2 to 4 days and now you will be able to feel beautiful and good as before.

5 Baked food: Baked food is very tasty to eat but it also contains a lot of trans fat. It can increase your estrogen level which can lead to uterine pain.

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