eat black rice, sugar will stay away

Rice is an integral part of Indian cuisine. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, rice is eaten with different greens and vegetables. People prefer to eat rice instead of roti because it is very light to eat. Doctors advise people suffering from diabetes not to eat rice. This is because rice is rich in carbs and starch, due to which the sugar level increases further. In such a situation, people suffering from diabetes find an alternative to rice. Dietician Dr. Ayushi Yadav, working at Gims Hospital in Greater Noida, says that black rice is a great alternative to white rice for diabetes patients.

Black rice is very beneficial for people suffering from sugar. Black rice is also known as purple rice or forbidden rice. Many such properties are found in this rice, with the help of which blood sugar level control remains in the body.

what are the benefits

Black rice is rich in fiber, iron, protein antioxidants. This rice is black due to anthocyanin and flavonoid plant pigments. Due to the presence of anthocyanins in it, they work against fine radicals and help in preventing cell damage and combating inflammation in diabetes patients. Black rice digests slowly, due to which the speed of glucose in the blood slows down and sugar level remains under control.

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– Increase in the weight of a sugar patient can have a negative impact on his body. That is why diabetic patients are advised not to eat white rice. Black rice keeps the body weight balanced.

Black rice is gluten free which keeps the sugar level in control.

– Even if you do not have sugar problem, you can consume black rice. Black rice is rich in fiber and magnesium, which controls blood sugar in the body. This also reduces the risk of getting diabetes in future.

Diabetes patients are more likely to have heart disease. People suffering from heart disease can also consume black rice. It contains anthracene which maintains normal blood supply in the arteries during the day.

Black rice also protects against cancer and it is also beneficial for the eyes.

Excessive intake harmful to the body

Consuming black rice in excess can prove to be harmful. This can cause problems like stomach upset, gas, bloating. Eat black rice in a balanced quantity. If you need more and accurate information about this subject, then definitely consult your doctor.

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