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Benefits Of PotatoesIf you like to eat potatoes, then this news will make you happy. A research has claimed that eating potatoes benefits health in many ways. According to the report, if you eat potatoes in the right way every day, then you can remain healthy and fit. A researcher from the Journal of Nutritional Science of Boston University of America has given this information. Let us know what this research says and what kind of benefits your body gets from eating potatoes.

What does research say

Research has found that eating four or less white potatoes or sweet potatoes does not cause any harm to our body. Whether it is fried or without fried. Eating potatoes did not have a direct relationship with physical problems like high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. The participants in this research who ate fried potatoes had a lower risk of dealing with many health problems. This happened when he ate potatoes instead of red meat and remained physically active. By doing so, those people were 24% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes and 26% less likely to have elevated triglycerides.

benefits of eating potatoes

    • Potato is called the king of vegetables. High quality carbs and fiber are found in high quantity in potatoes.
    • So much potassium is found in one cup of potatoes, due to which the muscles, heart and nervous system work in a much better way.
    • Vitamin-C is found in high quantity in potatoes. It helps prevent cellular damage and acts as an antioxidant.

how to use potatoes

At least two and a half cups of vegetables should be taken in your food every day and 5 cups of starchy vegetables should be taken every week in it. Potatoes can also be used as classic potato toppings like butter, paneer cream. But eat potatoes with less spices. Along with this, many vegetables should also be eaten along with potatoes.

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