Eat sweets full on Diwali, still the weight will not increase, do not forget to do just this one thing

Weight Loss After Diwali: People eat sweets fiercely on Diwali. A lot of dishes are prepared in homes on the festival. No matter how hard you try, everyone eats a little too much sweet. Well, the fun of the festival is also in this. However, eating sweets leads to rapid weight gain. In such a situation, if you are on a diet or are planning to lose weight, then eat only after a little thought. Seeing sweets is very tempting, but obesity also increases rapidly. It is not that you do not have to eat sweets at all, yes just take care of the quantity and do one thing after eating sweet. We are telling you a very easy solution. Whenever you eat sweets, you have to do this remedy. This will not increase obesity.

Do these remedies after eating sweets
After eating sweet or oily, you have to drink only 1 glass of warm water. Drinking hot water will not increase weight and it will be easier to digest oily food. Those who want to lose weight should drink hot water. This helps in digestion of food and also reduces the fat stored on the body. Drinking hot water after meals provides many benefits.

how to drink hot water
Make a rule, whenever you eat something, after that, drink 1 glass of warm water. If you are eating something oily or more sweet, then after 10-15 minutes definitely drink 1 glass of hot water. This makes food easy to digest and does not increase weight. Apart from this, make it a habit to drink warm water before sleeping at night and after getting up in the morning. This reduces obesity.

benefits of drinking hot water
1- Lose weight- Starting the day with warm water flushes out toxins from the body. Food gets digested quickly by drinking hot water. Due to which the weight starts decreasing rapidly.
2- Break down of fat- By drinking hot water, the fat stored in the body is broken down. Apart from this, you also need to pay attention to your fat intake. Drinking hot water after eating does not result in fat accumulation.
3- Loss of appetite- People who drink more hot water during the day feel less hungry. Drink 1 glass of hot water 30 minutes before you eat. With this you will eat less food and avoid consuming more calories.
4- Improves Digestion- Drinking hot water regularly keeps the stomach and digestion good. Water acts as a lubricant agent, which facilitates the digestion process. Hot water also dissolves such particles present in the stomach, which are difficult to digest.
5- Take away constipation- Constipation is cured by drinking warm water. Due to this the intestines contract and the congestion in the intestine decreases. Hot water also helps in detoxifying the body. The problem of indigestion also goes away by drinking hot water.

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