Eat these ‘super snacks’ when you are hungry during pregnancy, which are healthy as well as tasty

Pregnancy Healthy Snacks Options : During pregnancy, women should take special care of their food and drink. Nutrients are needed by both the mother and the coming child, because during pregnancy, the diet of the mother determines the growth of the child. At this time, hormonal changes keep on happening very fast in the body of women, due to which different types of problems keep on happening everyday. Pregnant women feel tired all the time. At the same time, it is common to have cravings to eat something or the other during pregnancy. In such a situation, you should not eat anything. Do not ignore health at all in the wake of your cravings. Instead of eating unhealthy, take special care of your diet (Pregnancy Healthy Snacks). In today’s article, we have come up with tasty and healthy snack options for pregnant women…

yogurt smoothie

If you feel like eating something cold and tasty, you can have curd smoothie. By consuming smoothie during pregnancy, you will get proper nutrition and you will feel energetic throughout the day. Most fruits are rich in vitamins and nutrients, the consumption of which is beneficial for the growth of the child. It is also very easy to make it. Curd is rich in calcium, which also helps in the development of bones and teeth of the baby.

eat boiled eggs

Apart from being healthy for the mother, consumption of eggs during pregnancy is also beneficial for the overall health of the child. Eggs are rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals along with many other nutrients. Boiled eggs can be eaten at any time of the day. Along with eliminating hunger, they provide energy and nutrition.

roasted chickpeas

Roasted gram is a good way to satisfy the minor hunger pangs that occur during pregnancy. It contains nutrients like fiber, protein and folate.

peanut butter

You can also consume peanut butter during pregnancy. Take two tablespoons of peanut butter. This amount contains 8 grams of plant-based protein, so you can use peanut butter in your favorite dish.


Curd is rich in protein, calcium and probiotic properties. During pregnancy, curd keeps the digestive system healthy. Curd is rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

dry fruits

Nuts are the best snack. Almonds, cashews, pistachios or walnuts are very beneficial for health. Can consume them. Nuts are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fat and minerals that provide tremendous benefits to the body.


Consuming watermelon during pregnancy is considered very beneficial. By consuming this, water is replenished in the body and you remain hydrated. Due to this, health remains very good.

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