Eat these things present in the kitchen at least, otherwise there may be serious damage

Unhealthy Food: The things present in the kitchen are only for food and drink. Different dishes are made from this and every day’s food too. But do you know that there are some such things in our kitchen, the excessive use of which can cause serious harm to health. If not, then today in this article we are going to tell you about some similar things. About those who are the enemy of your health. They should be used sparingly.


Be it morning tea or making pudding, our work cannot go on without sugar and it lives in the kitchen of every house. To make any sweet food and drink food, sugar has to be added to it. Be careful if you add more sugar to tea, coffee, milkshake, pudding or any sweet dish. Added sugar in excess can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, fatty liver disease. The risk of heart disease and stroke also increases.

Fine flour

Whether it is eating samosas or kachoris, all are made from all purpose flour. Refined flour, also known as maida. Maida is also used in every household. you someone every day Items made of maida are definitely eaten in the form. When you include more flour in your diet, you will not only get constipated, but also prone to weight gain, digestion related problems, heart disease and even cancer. refined flour Made through process. Therefore, there is a deficiency of fiber, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, vitamin E in it.


Salt is put in everything that is eaten. Some people have a habit that they put salt from above in the food. This addiction can be harmful to your health. Too much salt raises BP. By eating less salt, you can avoid many problems.


One time use oil should not be used again and again. It can bring disease to your home. Due to this there is a risk of heart problems. It is very important for heart health to avoid using such oil and keep yourself healthy.

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