Eat these things to stay healthy in winter

Winter Health Tips: Often you must have noticed in the homes that as the winter days approach, warm clothes/quilts-blankets etc. kept in the cupboards start taking out. To protect the external body from cold, we start preparations many days in advance, but do we do the same preparation to keep the body warm internally? There will be very few people who pay attention to this. Today, through this article, we will tell you about some such hot-tasting things that will keep you warm internally in winter. Along with this, your body temperature will also be maintained.


By consuming honey in winter, it keeps our body warm and it also increases our immunity. In cold weather, take one spoon of honey daily. With this you will be saved from minor cold, cough, fever etc.

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It is also beneficial to consume jaggery during the cold season. A lot of calories are found in jaggery. You can eat jaggery with tea or milk. Especially in hilly areas, jaggery is consumed extensively during the winter season.


Ginger is the best medicine to keep the body warm internally in winters. You can add ginger to everything from tea to food. Ginger not only keeps our body warm but, it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in improving our digestion system and protects us from various types of infections.


Eggs are considered a good source of protein. In winter, you can meet your protein requirement by eating two eggs daily. Health experts say that it is beneficial to include eggs in breakfast every morning because it reduces the amount of castrol in our body and the consumption of eggs is also beneficial for the eyes.


In beverages, soup is the best option in winters. You can prepare it by adding many types of vegetables to the soup. Soup strengthens the bones of our body and prevents problems caused by cold.


Although it is beneficial to drink milk in every season, but drinking hot milk becomes even more beneficial in the winter season. Milk is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B12, protein and calcium, which is helpful in keeping our body healthy.

Apart from this, you can include green leafy vegetables, coffee, banana, dry fruit, sweet potato, non-veg food etc. in the food to keep the body warm.

NoteNote: This article provides general information only. It is not a substitute for any kind of medicine or treatment. You should always contact your doctor for more information.

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