Eating strong salt is dangerous, control it today itself, otherwise there may be serious problems

Excess Salt: Where is the taste of food without salt? Not only does it increase the taste of food, it is also considered very beneficial for health. Abundant amount of sodium is found in it. But, eating too much salt can also be dangerous for health. This can cause many diseases. It is not less than any poison for the patients of hypertension or high blood pressure. That’s why the amount of salt in the food should be limited. Let us know about the amount of salt and the diseases caused by it.

Too much salt is the source of diseases

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), a person who consumes more than five grams of salt in a day is more likely to develop high blood pressure. In the future, serious heart diseases can also occur. According to a report of published research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, usually up to 3.8 grams of iron is found in each type of food. So much salt reduces the opening of the veins that carry our blood to the body. It has also been found in research that by eating more salt, the arteries of our body start shrinking, which also affects the flow of blood.

ways to consume less salt

    • Always put salt in the food after measuring it.
    • Go for healthier salt alternatives like Sendha Namak, Kosher Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt.
    • Another easy way to reduce the intake of salt is not to add extra salt to the food and always add it last so that excess salt is not added to the food.
    • Choose food items that have less salt content.
    • Avoid eating processed or packaged food as they contain many types of sodium.

how much salt should be eaten

The lesser the use of salt in our food, the better it will be for our body and mind. According to doctors, normal people should eat only two to four grams of salt in a day. At the same time, people suffering from hypertension should not use more than 1.5 grams of salt in a day. Otherwise, it can prove fatal.

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