Elon Musk will do ‘Ask Me Anything’ session every week, will have to pay so much money to ask questions

Elon Musk: Since buying Twitter till now, Elon Musk has made many changes in the platform. The latest change is to rebrand “Super Follows” as Subscriptions. Now popular creators or influencers can keep their content exclusive and earn money by charging their followers for it every month. Twitter CEO Elon Musk himself said in a tweet that he will do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session every week, which will be exclusive to his subscribers. To ask questions under ‘Ask Me Anything’, you will have to buy a subscription, the charge of which is Rs 390 per month.

All money earned will be yours

Users will get the feature of content subscription under the Monetization tab. Under this, any popular creator can charge money from his followers for exclusive content. Musk said in a tweet that the company will not charge any commission for the first 12 months. That is, all the money you earn through content subscription will be yours. After 12 months, people will have to pay 15 percent of the earnings from content subscription to Twitter.

Musk wants to sell Twitter

In a recent interview, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said that running the company is very painful and like a roller coaster. He has seen many ups and downs till now. Elon Musk said that if he finds the right person for the company, he will sell it. Actually, Musk is not only the owner of Twitter company but he also runs many other companies. Musk wants to focus on his core project instead of Twitter.

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Now you have to pay for blue tick

Now the legacy checkmark system is over on Twitter and now the company has to pay money every month to get the blue tick. Web users in India have to pay Rs 650 and iOS and Android users Rs 900 every month to maintain Blue Tick to the company. Apart from Blue Tick, users get many features in Twitter Blue, which include edit tweet, post long video, undo tweet, bookmarks etc.

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