Every edible oil is not good for health, do not cook food in these 3 types of oil even by mistake

Edible Oil Side Effects: Oil can generally be used in preparing food items. Food oils are used to make most of the food items. Some people like to eat very oily food. But do you know that every type of edible oil is not suitable for the health department. There are some edible oils too, which sometimes cause harm. Will try to know about such edible oil, eating which can cause harm to the body.

These are bad oils for health

oil palm

Many people like to eat this oil. But experts say that palm oil contains palmitic acid. It is a saturated fatty acid. It works to increase cholesterol. There is a possibility of heart problem due to this.

canola oil

The disadvantage of this oil is that it is passed through a very fast heat process. Because of this, many harmful elements are created in it. It is also considered dangerous for health.

sunflower oil

Omega-6 fatty acids are found in it. This is an essential element for the body. In this, consuming more omega-6 without omega-3 can increase inflammation in the body. When oil is heated on high flame, toxic substances are released in it.

try these

Ghee is generally used for making vegetables in homes. It is found in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins-A, E, K and butyric acid. It works to improve the digestive system, as well as to develop the brain. Mustard oil is also considered healthy. It contains alpha-linolenic acid. It is beneficial for the heart. Vitamin-E is beneficial for the skin. Vitamin-E is found in extra virgin olive oil. It acts as an antioxidant. It contains mono-unsaturated fat called oleic acid. It is loaded with anti-carcinogenic factors and anti-inflammatory properties.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article are based on the inputs given by the professionals. Before implementing them, take the advice of the concerned expert.,

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