Every Ford employee will get salary of more than 5 years on leaving the company, this is the new agreement

Ford Workers Settlement Agreement : The Indian unit of American car maker Ford (Ford India) has completed talks with the workers of its factory adjacent to Chennai on a compensation package. The company has announced this on Saturday. Let us tell you that every employee of Ford factory will get salary of about 62 months i.e. more than 5 years after leaving the company. According to the new agreement, the last day of employment in the company will be considered as September 30.

Agreement handed over to Ford Employees Union

Ford India had announced a year ago to withdraw its business from the Indian market as part of its restructuring process. The company says that its Rejuvenation Officer Balasundaram Radhakrishnan has handed over a new compensation agreement to the office bearers of the Chennai Ford Employees Union, an organization representing 2,592 employees.

Employee will get this much salary

Radhakrishnan says that a compensation settlement agreement was signed between the Ford management and the employees’ union. This is a milestone and has been a victory for all sides. Under this agreement, the company will also give one month’s gross salary in addition to the pre-determined amount to the employees who are laid off on October 14. In this way, each employee of the Ford factory will now get an average salary of about 62 months on leaving the company. The last day of employment in the company will be considered as 30 September.

There are factories here in the country

Let us tell you that Ford India’s factory is located at Maraimalai, 45 km from Chennai. The last Ford car was produced from this Maraimalai plant in July. In September 2021, Ford announced the closure of vehicle production at its Sanand plants in Gujarat and Maraimalai plants in Tamil Nadu.

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