Export Increase: The country’s exports increased by 4.82 percent in September, know how much exports and imports were

India Export And Import Data 2022: The country’s exports have increased in the month of September. The same import has also registered an increase on an annual basis. The country’s exports grew by 4.82 percent to $ 35.45 billion in September. During this period, the trade deficit has also increased to $ 25.71 billion. The Union Ministry of Commerce has released the figures on Friday. In its initial data released in the first week of this month, the ministry had said the country’s exports of goods declined by 3.52 per cent to $32.62 billion in September.

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According to government data, the country’s imports have increased by 8.66 percent year-on-year to $ 61.61 billion in September 2022. In September 2021, the trade deficit stood at $ 22.47 billion. In the first half of the current financial year (April-September, 2022), exports grew by 16.96 percent to $231.88 billion, while imports grew by 38.55 percent to $380.34 billion.

At the same time, the trade deficit has increased to $ 148.46 billion from $ 76.25 billion during this period. Exports of key sectors such as engineering, readymade garments, plastics, cashews and carpets declined in September this year.

How much was the effect on gems and jewelery

Engineering goods exports declined 10.85 percent to $8.4 billion in September. Similarly, exports of ready-made garments declined by 18 percent to $1 billion. Plastic exports also declined by 12.2 percent to $66.66 million.

On the other hand, exports of gems and jewellery, petroleum products, leather, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and rice registered positive growth during the month. The estimated value of exports of services for September 2022 is $25.65 billion, the ministry said. This is an increase of 18.72 percent as compared to September 2021.

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