Facebook shows big heart for outgoing employees after mega firing

Facebook Job: At present, the technology sector is going through a huge upheaval. At this time, all the big IT companies are engaged in retrenchment of their employees. Now Mark Zuckerberg has also decided to lay off 13% of the company i.e. more than 11,000 employees from Meta (Facebook). But at the same time it has also been tried to take care that the outgoing employees have to face minimum difficulties. Let us tell you what facilities will be provided to the employees going to Meta.

  • Severance Package – 16 weeks base salary for employees leaving Meta, plus 2 weeks additional pay for each year spent with the company.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) )- Employees will be paid their outstanding paid time off.
  • RSU Vesting- It has been said on behalf of the company that all those employees who will no longer be able to work with the company will be given 15 Vesting will be given till November 2022.
  • Health Insurance- The company will bear the expenses incurred under the insurance cover for six months on behalf of the retrenched employees and their families.
  • The career services company will provide three months career support through external vendors to the employees to be retrenched, as well as information about vacancies in other organizations soon.
  • Immigration support Mark Zuckerberg is saddened by the retrenchment of such employees, who are working on working visas, along with serving the notice period before the termination of such people, some exemption has also been given in the visa. Will come, so that these employees can plan for their future. Along with this, the company will also provide the facility of some specialist to give information about immigration. So that they can give you the right advice according to your needs.
  • All these facilities provided by the company will be common to all the employees of the company working in the US and outside the US. But for outside the US, the company will soon provide information according to the law there.

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