Fake customer care numbers will be curbed, government in action mode, know what is the plan

Fraud Customer Care Numbers: There are many cases of forgery of fake customer care numbers coming to the fore these days. Now the Modi government at the Center has started preparations to rein in this. Many times customers call the customer care number to register their complaint and they are duped by sitting.

This happens because of fake customer care numbers. There are many such fake numbers on Google, which claim themselves to be the customer care of any bank, company or mobile company, calling on it can cut your pocket. Now the government is preparing to rein in all such fake numbers. The central government has asked all companies and apps to keep their original customer care numbers on the platform only. Apart from this, orders have been given to remove all the numbers from the platform.

Numbers removed from platform
To prevent fraud with customers, the government is preparing to put a check on these fake customer care numbers. These fake numbers will be removed from all platforms. At the same time, all the apps and platforms of the government will be asked to verify their customer care number. Only genuine numbers will be available on the portal.

stop spam calls
With this step of the central government, the correct customer care number will be recognized. The central government will discuss with all the apps and industry for this. In the newly drafted telecom bill, a provision has been made regarding this.

Beware of such numbers
You should never use any customer care number by searching from Google. Always use the customer care number available on the official website of the company to resolve any of your problems or complaints.

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