Fear and phobia are different, understand the difference between the two

Difference Between Fear and Phobia: Some people make the mistake of considering fear and phobia as the same, but they are different. Everyone has all kinds of emotions in their mind, which includes happiness, hatred, enthusiasm and fear. Some people are afraid of many things. While some people have phobia due to certain circumstances. Both the situations are dangerous. Let us know the difference between the two and understand how to avoid them.

What is fear?

Fear is an emotional response of our body. When a person senses danger, then in this situation he gets scared. Even when there is a negative experience in our life, fear arises in our mind. So that scene can create fear in you. Apart from this, even after hearing some things in the mind of the children, they get scared. But once that person dares to face his fear, then that fear easily leaves his mind.

What is phobia?

In phobia, a person is afraid or afraid of such a thing, due to which there is no danger in his life. Phobia is also a kind of unnecessary fear. People’s reaction towards phobia is so intense that they spoil their lifestyle because of it. For example, if someone is afraid of riding a bike, he is so afraid that he cannot ride a bike for the rest of his life. He starts getting nervous or anxious just by thinking about riding the bike.

difference between fear and phobia

1. Fear is a natural emotional reaction, whereas phobia is a type of anxiety disorder.

2. There may be some specific reason behind the fear, but there is no such basis of phobia. Even the person himself knows that he will not be harmed by this fear, even knowing this, he is not able to remove the phobia from within.

3. When a person is scared of something, he himself musters courage and faces it. When a person has a phobia of a particular thing, he cannot get out of it even if he wants to.

4. To remove the phobia of the mind, a person needs the advice of a doctor. And it may take time to get out of it.

5. Due to fear, there is no difference in a person’s day to day life, but due to phobia, the life of a person is affected.

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