Firecrackers can harm skin, eyes, take precautions like this

Diwali Fire Crackers: Today is Diwali. People are advised not to burst crackers as it may cause air pollution. Despite this, some people are openly and some secretly leaving firecrackers. Experts have feared that the AQI level will increase due to this. If this happens, then the graph of respiratory diseases can increase rapidly and there is a risk of increasing the disease.

The problem of allergies will also increase
Pollution causes allergies. Skin irritation, red rashes and pimples begin to occur. Some people have very sensitive skin. They get itching, burning, rash when they come in contact with a particular thing. Smoke is also one of such sensitive thing  . The carbon particles present in it reduce the level of oxygen in the air. This makes breathing difficult. Due to allergies, some people have problems like pain, itching, blisters, blisters, watery, sores at that place. 

eye damage
. Many times hand and finger get hurt due to bursting of loud crackers. Smoke gets in the eyes due to the spice of crackers. Due to this the eyes become red with burning and prickling. Injury caused by firecrackers can cause wounds in the eyes, formation of blood clots, sometimes it can also damage the pupil.

Take these precautions
Do not be careless while lighting firecrackers. Elderly people should keep an eye on fireworks by children. Never give loud crackers to children. Always burn crackers keeping them away from the body. Remove objects near the place of fireworks, where the slightest spark can catch fire.

Prohibition on sale of firecrackers in Delhi
Buying and selling of firecrackers and fireworks are also prohibited in Delhi. If caught violating this, a fine of Rs 200 and a jail term of 6 months has been provided.

Disclaimer: The methods and methods mentioned in this article are only as suggestions. Take it. Before following any treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult doctor or relevant expert.


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