First Raju Srivastava then Siddhant Suryavanshi…… Why death due to workout in gym?

Sunil Shetty on Deaths in Gyms: Recently many actors died during or after exercise in the gym. Raju Srivastava, Siddhant Suryavanshi and many others have died during or after their workouts. Just last month, Salman Khan’s 50-year-old body double Sagar Pandey died during a workout in the gym. South’s superstar Puneet Rajkumar also fainted while exercising on 29 October 2021 and died while being taken to the hospital. In such a situation, the deaths happening during or after the workout in the gym are increasing the concern. Questions are arising, why is this happening all of a sudden? The answer to this has been given by Bollywood’s very fit actor Sunil Shetty.

Sunil has achieved the perfect body with the right methods
Please tell that Sunil Shetty is the first Bollywood actor who has made a perfect body in the right way. He is still fit like a fiddle. Sunil’s web series is about to come on MX Player, ‘Dharavi Bank’. In such a situation, during the interview given to E Times, the actor also talked about why people are losing their lives during or after work out.?

Sunil told this reason for the deaths in the gym
According to the report of E Times, in response to this question, Sunil said, “The whole problem is supplements and steroids are consumed nowadays to make a quick body. Workout is not the problem. And they are not stretching themselves beyond their limits either. It is heart failure and not heart attack when someone takes supplements and steroids.”

It is very important to take nutrition
Sunil adds,”Also, it is about eating right and getting the right amount of sleep. All these things play a big role. And remember, by eating right, I do not mean dieting. By eating right, I mean It means nutrition. The nutritionist should be right.”

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