FMCG companies expect good sales, know what reason Dabur, Emami and Marico gave

FMCG Companies: Companies making everyday ie daily use goods or fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) products are excited by the initial demand and positive trend for winter products. He is hopeful that as the mercury falls, the use of these products will also increase and growth will be driven by rural areas. Sales of winter products from companies like Dabur, Emami and Marico have picked up, ranging from skin care products to immunity boosters like Chyawanprash and honey.

Companies expect bumper sale
Companies expect sales in rural areas to pick up in the coming quarters on the back of a good crop and moderation in general inflation. Even on modern mediums of e-commerce and trade, the sale of winter products remains good.

what about marico
Sanjay Mishra, chief operating officer (business in India) and chief executive officer (new business) at Marico, said winter is a crucial season for products such as the Saffola Immuniveda range of products and body lotions, which are in demand, especially from the northern region. “With the onset of winter, the use of these products has increased this year as well,” he added. “We are confident that this winter the demand growth in the body lotion category will be more than 50 per cent year-on-year,” Mishra said.

What Dabur India has to say
Adarsh ​​Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Dabur India Limited, said, “While winters have just started, the initial demand for our products has remained consistent. If there is a good cold this time, then the demand will increase further.” He said that the demand in rural markets is still less as compared to urban markets. However, due to good crop, demand from rural areas is expected to increase in the coming quarter.

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what does emami say
Vinod Rao, President (Sales-CCD), Emami, said, “The company’s winter products are expected to do well in rural markets as well as in bulk sales, despite demand challenges due to inflation.” Sales of large packaged products have also increased this year as compared to the same period.

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