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Natural Birth: After conceiving a child, a pregnant woman has to take special care of herself for the next 9 months. During pregnancy, the thing that knocks in the mind of a woman every hour, every day is that how the child will be normal or C-section. Especially women who become mothers for the first time are worried about delivery. Some women think of getting C-section done for fear of normal delivery, while some consult people for normal delivery. Compared to C-section, the benefits of normal delivery are more for both the woman and the child. On one hand, where the woman remains healthy and healthy due to normal delivery, on the other hand, the baby also remains healthy.

If you also want normal delivery instead of C-section, then change your lifestyle and keep some things in mind. Especially in the last month of pregnancy i.e. 9th month, pay attention to these things, with this you will be able to have a normal delivery. Normal delivery completely depends on your body activity and diet.

tie these things

healthy diet

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If you want to have a normal delivery, then take a healthy diet for this. Include fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products etc. in your diet. Also, keep taking doctor’s opinion from time to time. Include such substances in the diet which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

keep the body hydrated

Keep your body well hydrated for normal delivery. Drinking liquids like juices and water will not only help you with this but it is also helpful for the development of the baby.

must excise

Exercise should be done by everyone every day, but its importance increases further during pregnancy. Exercise keeps the muscles of pregnant women flexible. Strong thigh and pelvic muscles also help during pregnancy. If you do light physical activity, it also helps in getting the baby in the right position.

quality sleep is important

A good sleep is essential every day during pregnancy. This will remove your tiredness and at the same time you will also feel healthy. According to the Sleep, women often have sleep disorders that worsen during pregnancy. So follow some tips for better sleep.

do stretching

To increase the chances of normal delivery, do stretching regularly. For this, you can also take the advice of an expert. Stretching causes muscles to stretch and the body remains flexible.

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