Follow these home remedies to avoid throat pain, the throat will not choke in cold weather

Home Remedies For Throat Pain: Sore throat is a common problem during the winter season. Sometimes due to cold air and sometimes due to eating something cold, the throat gets choked. In such a situation, there is a problem in speaking or eating anything. Usually people start drinking hot water when the throat is sore. It gives relief, but due to its excessive consumption, there is also the problem of dryness in the mouth.

Here you are being told the right method of drinking hot water and other home remedies for sore throat. With the help of which you can cure your throat within a few hours to just a day. Also, keep in mind that before leaving in the cold air, cover the throat well with the help of a muffler or stall.

what to do in case of sore throat
There are many types of problems involved in sore throat, such as sore throat, cough, phlegm, sore throat, swelling in the throat, etc. In all these problems, you can adopt the tips given here.

drink hot water

  • Hot water should be drunk in case of sore throat, but instead of drinking hot water, you should drink lukewarm water.
  • While drinking water, keep this water in the mouth and throat for some time. So that the inner tissues of the throat can be trained.
  • Mixing honey in lukewarm water and consuming it will not cause dryness in the mouth. Keep in mind that honey is not mixed in hot water, the water should be lukewarm.
  • You can also consume it by mixing black salt or rock salt in water instead of honey.


  • In case of sore throat, adding salt to hot water and gargling with this water gives benefit in the very first time.

take a steam

  • Inhaling steam even if there is a problem in the throat gives the same effective result as using it when the nose is blocked. While taking steam, breathe through your mouth instead of your nose.

sore throat

  • If there is a problem of swelling along with the sore throat, then you drink a cup of lukewarm water by squeezing one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and half a lemon. Consume it two to three times a day, it will be beneficial.

Ginger and Basil Tea

  • Ginger and basil tea is an easy way to get relief from the problem of sore throat and swelling. You can also consume it by making tea with milk and also in the form of black-tea. You will get rest. Do not drink more than two or three times a day.

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as a suggestion, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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