Follow these special tips to apply eyeliner, makeup will not spoil

Tips To Apply Perfect Eyeliner: Eyeliner has an important role in makeup. You may not apply anything else, but after applying moisturizer on the face, only a line of eyeliner makes the look presentable. Women like to apply eyeliner before going from wedding-party to office meetings. While applying it enhances the beauty of the eyes, in the beginning drawing a straight line of eyeliner is a big task. There is a fear of spoiling the entire eye makeup if there is a slight up-and-down. Know how to apply the right eyeliner.

practice will matter

Practice is the most important thing in applying eyeliner properly. Practice applying eyeliner when you are at home and have nowhere to go. In this the whole game is about balance. Keeping the hand above the eye, it takes practice to draw a straight line. This work can be done properly only by applying it several times.

Use pencil eyeliner in the beginning

There are three types of eyeliner, pencil, liquid and gel. When you are starting out, do it with a pencil eyeliner. Drawing a line with this is as simple as drawing a straight line on the copy with a pencil and not with a color brush. To make it easier, make dots first with the pencil and go on connecting them at the end. Even the liner seems straight.

take care of these things

While applying liquid and gel eyeliner, shake it first and then remove the extra material by taking it on the brush. Now while stretching the skin above the eye with one hand, try to draw a straight line with the other hand. If you want to apply wing liner, then first make the wing and then start with the line. There is a mess in drawing a whole long line at once. Start from the inner corner of the eye and then move on to the outside. If you want to make the eyes look bigger, then for this, apply eyeliner on the corners.

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