Follow these steps to get blue tick on your twitter account, only these people get the information

Twitter Blue Tick: In today’s era, the craze of social media is increasing every day and everyone present on social media wants that it should be popular and its ID also gets verified. Verify means a blue tick appears in front of the user’s ID; As you must have seen blue ticks in front of the names of PM, CM, journalists and many well-known big people on Twitter. Similarly, if you also want to verify your Twitter ID, then it is quite easy. By following a few steps, you can easily verify your Twitter ID and get a blue tick. Let’s know these steps..

These people can apply for blue tick verification

The team has set the criteria for getting ID verification done on Twitter. You can easily verify your Twitter account by fulfilling this criteria set by Twitter. Twitter has released this information through its official blog post about what types of Twitter accounts can be verified. Let’s know..

1. Government Accounts
2. Accounts of Companies
3. Twitter Handles of Brands
4. Non profit organization
5. News Media Twitter Accounts
6. Entertainment, Sports, Activist

Verification request information

If you meet the Twitter verification criteria, then you can apply to get your Twitter ID verified, in fact Twitter is currently accepting ID verification requests. For ID verification, you have to first open your ID and then go to the settings, where you will get the option of verification request.

Follow these steps..

Select the setting option and click on Your Account. Now after this you have to go to Account Information, where you will see the option of Verification Request. Once you get the option to apply, click on it and fill the required details that are asked. After doing this, Twitter will send you a confirmation email to submit the request. If you are eligible for Blue Tick then your Twitter ID will be verified within a week.

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