Follow these tips if you want to be fit like Shahnaz Gill

Diet plan of Shehnaz Gill: Social media sensation Shehnaz Gill dominates social media for her special style. In Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz, who has created an identity in the hearts of millions of people with her flirtatious style, no longer needs any special recognition. Shahnaz, who looked chubby and cute in Bigg Boss 13, has now become more fit and glamorous than before. If you also want a body like Shahnaz within a few months, then follow this diet, within a few days you will lose so many kilos. Can.

eat home cooked food

When Shahnaz was asked how did she put on weight as soon as she came out of the Bigg Boss house? Responding to this, Shahnaz says that she used to eat homemade pulses for lunch and dinner. Along with this, she used to eat a roti and a lot of vegetables with pulses.

start the day with turmeric water

When Shahnaz was asked, in what way does she start the day? Responding to this, she said that she starts the day every morning by adding turmeric to lukewarm water. Due to this, their immunity is also very good. Sometimes she also puts apple cider vinegar in turmeric water. This drink is his weight loss secret. Because of which she has managed to reduce 12 kg in a short time.

Do normal workouts, not intense

Shahnaz believes that in the process of reducing weight, do not do such exercises due to which your body will bear more pressure. She further says that in order to lose weight, she did simple and simple exercises, as well as she drinks a lot of water according to her body.

does not eat junk food
Shahnaz Gill said- If you have thought of losing weight, then remove junk food completely from your life and throw it away. Only then you can lose weight. Also get your diet and favorite food made at home.

less non veg
Shahnaz says that in the whole journey of losing weight, you should stay away from non-veg, butter and ghee, chocolate and ice cream.

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