Follow these tricks to prevent lungs from getting sieved in Delhi’s pollution

Delhi Pollution: The condition of the people in Delhi NCR is very bad due to pollution in Delhi-NCR. Due to smog, people are facing irritation in their eyes and difficulty in breathing. The air quality index in Delhi-NCR has reached alarming levels. In view of this, all the schools in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad have been closed till November 8. The Delhi government is doing a lot to avoid this pollution. But you too can avoid serious illness caused by this pollution by adopting some special methods at home. Today we will tell you some such tricks, with the help of which no dirt will be able to accumulate in your body.

Lungs riddled with smog in Delhi-NCR

What is smog? The word smog was first used in the 90s. Which means pollution. There is smog and pollution. Air Pollution Side Effects causes the most damage to the body’s organs. This pollution goes inside the body through the breath. Due to which there can be dangerous diseases like difficulty in breathing, sore throat, lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory infection.

How to keep lungs clean in pollution

When dirt reaches our lungs or respiratory system due to pollution. So to stop this, first of all you use some tricks. Its natural way is that you started coughing loudly. Whatever dirt is there will start coming out of it.

Keep Lungs Clean by Steaming

Doctors often say that it is necessary to take steam in cold cough. At this time it is very important for the people living in Delhi to take steam daily. In the current situation of Delhi, it can be said that whatever dirt will go into your lungs due to smog, you can remove it through steam. Due to this there will be no risk of lung infection. By taking steam continuously, there is no danger of any kind of phlegm and dirt settling in the respiratory system.

Eat jaggery on an empty stomach daily
Eat jaggery daily to avoid any side effects of pollution. Eating jaggery removes all the dirt from the body. Therefore, eat jaggery with a glass of lukewarm water in the morning.

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