From heart disease to kidney damage, borderline diabetes can cause damage

Borderline Diabetes: These days diabetes has become a common problem. One out of every three people in the world is a victim of diabetes. Before type-2 diabetes occurs, its symptoms are clearly visible in the body. In the medical term, it is called pre-diabetes i.e. borderline diabetes. Diabetes means that the blood sugar level of the body is much higher than normal.

What do you understand by borderline diabetes?

If someone has borderline diabetes, it does not mean that you will get diabetes. But if you are not able to control it on time, then the risk of becoming a victim of diabetes increases. Lifestyle and diet changes can be made to prevent pre-diabetic from progressing. According to health experts, if lifestyle is not changed, 15 to 50 percent of people with borderline diabetes may develop diabetes in 3 to 5 years. Let us know what are the signs of borderline diabetes.

signs of borderline diabetes

According to a news from Healthline, any person with insulin resistance in the beginning can develop type 2 diabetes. But if someone has borderline diabetes, then it is very difficult to identify its symptoms. These signs can be considered as a symptom of borderline diabetes.

poor eyesight

In borderline diabetes, most people do not show any symptoms, due to which it is very difficult to identify. However, the eyesight of people suffering from borderline diabetes starts decreasing. Diabetes has a bad effect on the eyes. Sometimes headache and blurred vision are also seen.

to be tired

The body of a person suffering from borderline diabetes looks very tired and weak. Due to fatigue, one does not feel like doing any work and there is difficulty in concentrating.

high blood pressure-cholesterol

If someone’s blood pressure or cholesterol level suddenly becomes high, then it should be understood that these can also be symptoms of borderline diabetes. Dizziness, fatigue, anger and sweating starts due to high BP.

leg pain, tingling, or numbness

Talking about the initial symptoms of borderline diabetes, there are changes in the feet. Many times there is a problem of severe pain, tingling and numbness in the feet. Apart from this, weight gain, body becoming inactive can also be its initial symptoms. Therefore, whenever such signs are seen, instead of ignoring them, the doctor should be seen immediately.

risk of borderline diabetes

  • eyesight may decrease
  • nerve damage can occur
  • heart disease can occur
  • kidney damage may occur

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