From hotels to malls, cameras are hidden in these places, know this way

Hidden Camera in Hotels: Protecting your privacy is an important issue in this age of technology. If there is a slight negligence, then you may have to give to take. However, such cases keep on being seen and heard in the news every day. So if you keep going out and staying in hotels, then you should keep these things in mind. What we are going to tell you.

Cameras are hidden in these places in the hotel

    • Fire alarms and smoke detectors are installed everywhere in hotel rooms, where cameras are more likely to be hidden.
    • Every hotel room has a mirror on the wardrobe, bathroom or dressing table. The chances of the camera being hidden behind it are very high. The easiest way to check this is the two-way mirror test, for this you can find out in a few seconds by placing a nail or any sharp object on the mirror. If there is some gap between your nail and the nail visible in the mirror, then all is well. And if there is no gap then there may be some blackness in the dal.
    • Hotel rooms also have TVs and setup boxes along with them. They should be well looked after. Especially if there is any difference between the buttons of the TV and the setup box or if any light is found, then check it specially. Because in most cameras there are chances of having green or red light. This light glows in the dark which can be easily caught with the flashlight of the mobile.
    • Bouquets can also be kept in the hotel room as a decoration, in which the camera can be hidden among artificial flowers.
    • Nowadays alarm clock is rarely seen in hotels, but if it is kept, then check it properly too.
    • If a lamp is kept in the room, then check it properly too. There can be a camera inside it.
    • Also check the power-plug and socket on the electric board.

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