Gaming market in India reached $ 2.6 billion, will increase 4 times in 5 years

Indian Gaming Industry Report 2022: Mobile phone can be easily seen in the hands of every second-third person in the country. Most of the youth have a habit of playing mobile games. With which a new update is coming out. India’s gaming market (Indian Gaming Industry) has reached $ 2.6 billion. The current growth rate (CAGR) of the gaming market in India has grown by 27 percent. After 5 years, by 2027, it can grow to become a market of $ 8.6 billion.

disclosed in the report

According to a report by Lumikai, a capital fund venture based on gaming in India, there were 507 million gamers in the country in FY 2022, out of which 120 million gamers are those who also pay money for games. The company says that the number of gamers will reach 700 million by the financial year 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 12 percent.

15 billion new games downloaded

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Indian gamers are spending an average of 8.5 hours a week playing mobile games. It is known that in this year 2022, 15 billion new games have been downloaded in India. With this, India became the largest mobile game playing country in the world. Let us tell you that at present 900 gaming companies are working in India. The number of new gamers in India this year has crossed 500 million, while last year their number was 450 million.

Gaming is the market in the mainstream

Founding General Partner Shriram Keeling says that the gaming market in India is becoming a mainstream market, and his company considers gaming as the fastest growing sector in Digital India. In view of this, he has said to invest more.

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