Gold this Dhanteras for just 1 rupee! Home delivery can be done in this way for gold

Gold Shopping on Dhanteras 2022: Diwali The season has started. Tomorrow the festival of Dhanteras (Dhanteras 2022) will be celebrated all over the country. Dhanteras has great importance in Hinduism. On this day people fiercely buy Gold-Silver Buying Tips. In such a situation, there is a lot of crowd at the jewelery shop on this day. Nowadays people have started buying gold and silver online as well. It is generally believed that a lot of investment is required to buy gold, but it is not so. Today we are telling you such a way in which you can buy gold by investing only 1 rupee. Let us know where you can get gold for just Re 1 and how you can order it-

buy gold from here for just 1 rupee
The gold that we are going to give you information about today is Digital Gold. You can buy Digital Gold through many types of digital platforms. Here you can easily buy gold from 1 rupee to lakhs of rupees. People like to invest in physical gold since time immemorial, but now people have started buying gold through digital means due to the fear of theft. To buy this gold, you can use mobile wallet platforms like Paytm, Phone, Google Pay. From these platforms you can buy 999.9 pure certified gold for Re 1.

How to buy gold

    • To buy gold in 1 rupee, you first open your mobile wallet.
    • In this you will see the gold icon at the top, click on it.
    • After this select the Buy Gold option in Manage your Money.
    • After this, choose the option of how much gold you want to buy.
    • Apart from this, you can choose Buy, Sell, Delivery or Gift option.
    • After that buy gold by paying. On the other hand, if you have to sell gold, then select the Sale option.
    • If you want, you can also give it to someone as a gift.

Gold can be delivered at home
If you want, you can get this digital gold delivered at home. Keep in mind that on getting this gold delivered at home, you will have to deposit a certain amount at home. Along with this, to get the delivery of gold done at home, you have to buy at least half a gram of gold. Along with this, you will also get a purity certificate of gold.

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