Google clarified on the fine of 1338 crores, said- big blow for Indian users

Google Replies Setback for Indian Consumers: The Competition Commission of India (CCI) imposed a fine of Rs 1,337.76 crore on the American Internet search company Google, after which Google has issued an official statement today. Google says that this action will prove to be a big setback for Indian consumers.

What did google say in clarification

On this matter, Google clarified that, we will review the CCI order imposing a fine of Rs 1,338 crore for anti-competitive practices. It is to be known that in an order of Competition Commission of India on 20 October 2022, instructions were given to Google to stop unfair business activities with fine.

what is the whole matter

Let us tell you that this action has been taken on Google to disrupt the competition by abusing its strong position in the Android mobile device sector. The CCI had said in its order that Google has violated the MADA agreements due to its strong position and clout. The CCI had said that the US company has leveraged its dominant position in the Android OS app store market to maintain its dominance in the online general search market. This is a violation of competition law.

violation of law

An operating system is required to run a mobile app. Google is operating and managing the Android OS. Issues licenses for other applications. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) use this OS and Google’s app in their mobiles. They enter into several agreements including Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) to control their rights. The Competition Commission of India believes that Google has violated these agreements and taken advantage of its strong position and clout.

Investigation going on since 2019

Let us tell you that Google was ordered to investigate the allegations of misusing the strong position in the Android mobile device sector since 2019. In April, 2019, the CCI issued an inquiry order against Google after Android-based smartphone users in the country filed a complaint against Google for abusing its strong position.

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