Google fined Rs 1,337.76 crore, see what is the reason

CCI Penalty On Google : The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has imposed a fine of Rs 1,337.76 crore on the American company Google, which provides the world’s largest Internet search facility. According to sources, the Competition Commission of India has imposed this fine on Google for misusing a strong market position in the Android mobile device environment.

instructions to fix
The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has directed the leading Internet company to stop and stop unfair business practices. The commission said in an official statement on Thursday that Google has also been directed to modify its functioning within a stipulated time-frame.

information on tweet

CCI India has given information by posting on its official Twitter account. The post read that “Google has been fined for abusing the position in multiple markets in the Android mobile device ecosystem.”

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Let us tell you that Google operates and manages the Android OS. For this, it also issues licenses to other companies. Google’s OS and apps are used by OEMs ie Original Equipment Manufacturers for their mobile devices. Many types of agreements are being made regarding the use of OS and app, such as Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA).

What did CCI say?
The CCI in its statement clearly said that MADA has assured that the search app, widget and Chrome browser are pre-installed on Android devices, which has given Google’s search service a significant competitive edge over its competitors. In addition, Google gained a significant competitive edge over its competitors with respect to another of its apps, YouTube. Competitors to these services could not take advantage of the same level of market access that Google had secured and embedded. The CCI also said that Google has created an entry barrier for competition to enter or operate the market. Simply put, the CCI has fined Google for abusing the Android mobile device ecosystem.

Was fined in 2018
Earlier, according to the CCI order, on 8 February 2018 also, a fine of Rs 135.86 crore was imposed on Google. Even at that time, the CCI behind it found Google guilty of abusing its strong position in the online search and advertising market. Let us tell you that the amount of fine on Google was Rs 135.86 crore, 5 per cent of the average revenue earned by the company in India in FY 2013, 14, and 15.

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