Government buildings can also become exam centers of this year’s UP Board, what is the reason? Learn

UPMSP UP Board Exams 2023 Total Number Of Centres: This time record students have registered in the UP Board High School and Intermediate Exams (UP Board High School & Intermediate Exams 2022). The board (UPMSP) is doing a new type of planning for these students to conduct the examination properly and for the arrangements to run smoothly. According to this, this time the examinations of Uttar Pradesh Board 10th and 12th can be conducted in government buildings i.e. government buildings. These buildings can be used so that there is no shortage of examination centers.

Because of this, steps can be taken –

If the board feels that the examination centers are falling short according to the students, then this decision can be taken. The reason behind this is that the conduct of examinations should be copyless. There is a plan to build more exam centers so that students are not able to cheat in the exam.

Such centers can be –

If this is to be understood as an example, then it can be understood that if the examination is to be conducted in a government building in Lucknow, then the UPSC building can be that building. Let us inform that in the year 2021, the UP Board had conducted the examination for 51.92 lakh students at 8373 centers. But this year, ie 2023, about 58 lakh students have registered for the examination. In such a situation, UP Board examinations can also be conducted in government buildings or institutions.

This has never happened before –

If this year the examinations are held in government buildings, then it will be the first time. This has never happened before. In this regard, the officials say that it is better to conduct the examination for more candidates at a larger place and under one roof than to conduct the examination with a small number of candidates in many places.


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