Government directive- Companies should stop making 3G and 4G smartphones, see the truth of the viral message

Fact Check 3G 4G Mobile Phone Banned In India : The Modi government at the Center has given instructions to discontinue 3G and 4G mobile phones after meeting with mobile operators and smartphone makers. Let us tell you that this message is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

In this message, it is claimed that the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Gov of India has shared the truth related to this message on the official Twitter account.

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The Ministry of Information Technology said on Twitter #PIBFactCheck that some media reports are claiming that the Indian government has instructed smartphone companies to stop manufacturing 3G and 4G smartphones. This news is completely fake. The Government of India has not given any such instruction.

5G service started in these cities
Let us tell you that at present there are about 750 million mobile users in the country. In which 100 million users are using 5G smartphones. Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio started providing 5G service in some cities of the country from October 1. Airtel started service in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur and Varanasi. At the same time, Jio started service in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi.

getting so much speed
Cities in the country where 5G service has started. Users have complained on Twitter that their data is getting exhausted in seconds as soon as 5G internet starts, while testing revealed that the speed of 5G internet is from 500 to 600 Mbps. Jio is giving unlimited 5G internet to its users. At the same time, Airtel is providing 5G internet service in the previous plan of its users. However, both the platforms have not yet revealed their 5G plans.

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