Government’s preparation for regulation of online gaming industry, meeting between several ministries possible

Online Gaming Regulation: There are reports of major preparations of the government for the regulation of the online gaming industry in the country. The latest update in this regard is that policy makers are contemplating to create a regulatory framework or guidelines for the online gaming industry. Under this, policy makers have started considering whether a regulatory body should be created for online gaming, which can set its rules and regulations.

There may be a meeting between the ministries
All the stakeholder ministries, including the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, are likely to meet this week. All these ministry officials will discuss together what are the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming. Apart from this, whether tax evasion is being done through online gaming platforms – this will also be discussed. According to a report in Economic Times, this news has come.

What powers will the regulator have?
If a regulator is made for online gaming, then it will have the ability to block unauthorized platforms. Can instruct platforms that do not verify users not to do this business. Small platforms will be helped by the introduction of these rules and they will be saved from being exploited under any compulsion.

Consensus will be made in the initial discussion
Under the initial discussion, it will be agreed that operators should make ‘Know Your Customer’ ie KYC process mandatory for users to find out who is using these online gaming tools. An official said on the condition of anonymity that quick discussions are taking place to implement the regulatory framework as it is being felt that a centralized regulation body is needed. In fact, the decisions being taken by the states at their level are not able to solve all the issues of the online gaming industry properly. With different rules and regulations between different states, online gaming issues can be further complicated.

According to the official, aspects of the report released by an internal group of ministers on online gaming are being considered and it is likely to be discussed in a meeting between the ministries soon.

Recommendations of the Government Committee on Online Gaming
Let us tell you that a committee of the government on online gaming had recommended the formation of a separate regulatory body. It was said in the advice that on the basis of skill or chance, the game should be divided into different categories. Also, strict steps should be taken against gambling through online games. In the draft report of this committee, it has been said that the government should consider enacting a separate law to regulate online gaming.

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