Govinda asked his mother to drink alcohol with his wife all night, both of them were in this condition for a week!

Govinda Sunitha: More than three decades have passed since the marriage of Govinda and Sunita Ahuja, but even today there is as much love between the two as it was in the beginning. There are many such stories related to Govinda and Sunita, about which very few people know. Once Govinda took Sunita on a dinner date, but he had to take his mother’s permission before consuming alcohol.

Govinda took Sunita on a dinner date

Govinda and Sunita had made this disclosure many years ago in Simi Garewal’s chat show Rendezvous With Simi Garewal. In the show, Simi Grewal asked if Govinda is romantic? In response, Sunita says- ‘Yes, sometimes’. After this she tells about the story when she drank champagne with Govinda for the first time. Sunita says, ‘It was my birthday, so he took me to Taj Hotel for dinner. After this we ordered champagne.

Govinda took mother’s permission before drinking champagne

Govinda told that before drinking champagne, I called my mother and asked that I am not PU. Then the mother said that you will drink well. Its habit is very bad, but if you want to enjoy then enjoy. After this we drank champagne and danced a lot, but we had a hangover for a week. Govinda said that we had enjoyed like this for the first time.

What does Govinda do when films don’t work?

In the show, Simi Garewal asked Sunita Ahuja if she gets upset when Govinda’s films don’t work. In response, Sunita says, ‘No, it is always normal. It doesn’t matter ‘. After this Govinda says, ‘I am happy that I am in films. Once my mother had said a very good thing that there are not 100 heroes in a population of 100 crores. There are only 10 heroes. You are the only one in 10 and you are getting upset. Don’t be too ambitious.

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