GPT-4 is more dangerous than ChatGPT, also handles pictures

Chat GPT 4 Launch: OpenAI’s ChatGPT had created a stir all over the world that now the company has introduced another new chatbot. The newly launched chatbot is a new version of the artificial intelligence based chatbot ChatGPT. Open AI says that in this, users will get better content quality and factual details than before. The name of this chatbot is ChatGPT 4. ChatGPT is available to all, but ChatGPT 4 has been introduced for select users at the moment. Come let’s know all the details of the news ChatGPT 4.

ChatGPT to launch in 2022

Open AI, a company working on Artificial Intelligence, launched ChatGPT in November 2022. As soon as people came to know about this chatbot, it started being used rapidly. After the arrival of ChatGPT, the discussion of AI started happening everywhere.

New version of ChatGPT

Open AI has now launched a new version of ChatGPT. Which is being said to be better and more accurate in comparison to ChatGPT. Open AI says that a better language module can be prepared than GPT-4. ChatGPT-4 can generate and edit creative and technical writing tasks. The most important thing about this chatbot is that it can handle text as well as pictures.

GPT-4 passed this exam

OpenAI has also rolled out the list of exams that GPT-4 has passed. The company has also shared the score. GPT-4 scored 88% on the LSAT, 89% on the SAT Math, 80% on the GRE Quantitative, 99% on the GRE Verbal, and 54% on the Writing.

Is GPT-4 Free?

ChatGPT 4 can also be accessed in the same way as ChatGPT. For this you have to go to the website of Open AI only. However, you must have a ChatGPT Plus membership to access it. A fee of $ 20 is being charged every month for this membership.

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