Green juice is a great choice for weight loss, also benefits in diabetes and acidity

Recipe Of Green Juice For Weight Loss & Diabetes: Whenever it comes to weight loss, the name of green juice or green smoothie comes at the top of many products used for it. Green juice has many benefits. It not only reduces weight but also works well in acidity and diabetes. A glass of green juice daily can drive away all the health related problems from your life. However, if you have a serious medical issue, do consult your doctor first.

How to make Green Juice

To make green juice, you can take whatever green leaves are available in the season, such as spinach, coriander, cabbage leaves, fenugreek leaves or if nothing is available then betel leaves. Put these leaves in the mixer and add any one seasonal fruit like apple, guava or pear. Do not add fruits like bananas or mangoes which are forbidden in diabetes. Now add two glasses of water to it and run the mixer. Now drink it by pouring it in a glass without filtering. Sip on a sip and comfortably finish a glass or two.

Why do smoothies benefit

Smoothies contain fruits and vegetables so that you get all the nutrients. When the chlorophyll in the leaves is not cooked, it directly reaches your body and brings all kinds of benefits. On the other hand, when green vegetables are cooked too much, their nutrients are destroyed.

It is light so it gets digested easily. It helps in detoxifying the liver and the fiber present in it makes a person feel full for a long time. Due to this the body is alkaline, so it also benefits in acidity.

Mix fenugreek for diabetes

If diabetic patients drink green juice mixed with a little fenugreek, a little cinnamon and a little turmeric, then their sugar level also comes down. Although adopt this method only after consulting your doctor, but in most cases it is considered safe. If it is taken empty stomach in the morning then it works better. Do not eat anything for one to two hours after taking the smoothie.

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