Gulshan Grover said – we old actors are being cornered, the casting director is being accused

Gulshan Grover On Being Cornered: Gulshan Grover was recently seen in the short film ‘Baj Gayee Whistle’, in which he played an old thief contemplating retirement along with co-star Manu Rishi Chadda. In a recent interview, Gulshan drew parallels between his character and his real life, and said that this is an issue that people are currently facing in various professions where there are not many jobs for the older generation.

Older actors being cornered

He said, “When I was offered this short film, I saw that it was not about that aging thief, but about a bigger connection with life. What happens is that many people who are so young No, different professions are facing this problem. They can’t find that moment to shine. So, I thought it’s a great metaphor for life.”

The actor then said that even in the entertainment industry, it is fast becoming a ‘trend’. He said, “Even in the film industry, there is a major trend. Anupam Kher told me that many film houses and one particular casting director Mukesh Chhabra has long decided not to hire people engaged in this business. Just because we’ve been in business for a long time, someone feels that someone’s capacity has gone down, then you’re a short-term beneficiary.”

Gulshan Grover also became a victim of this?

Gulshan, however, admitted that this is not an issue that he himself has faced. The actor said, “I have never faced that difficulty, but I have seen many friends who are facing it.” Gulshan Grover said, “One of my mentors, Mahesh Bhatt sahab once told me, you better your work before these monsters throw you out.” Nothing in the world will stop without you. You have to not only innovate, but also be a trendsetter. Unless you do both, your opportunities will be lost. I have never faced that difficulty, but I have come across many such Have seen friends who are facing this.”

This is the best time for content

Gulshan says that considering how diverse the entertainment world has become with the platform for short films, feature films, web series and serials, this is the best time for content and actors. He said, “This is the best time for content, for talent and even for investors. The opportunities are immense. Long ago, restaurants used to sell a variety of things on the menu. But then, one place was open only for pizza or only for momos. They are running because they have got enough customers. You don’t need that Delhi shop that has everything. Similarly, the content in cinema has changed. People want different content and this is the right time to be more diverse.

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