Guru Nanak Jayanti 2022: Guru Nanak Jayanti tomorrow, know his 3 big lessons

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2022: The birth anniversary of Guru Nanak ji will be celebrated on 8 November 2022. Nanak Dev, who is considered to be the first Guru of the Sikhs, has given 3 infallible mantras to lead a happy life, those who follow it do not get upset even in times of crisis and get success through good deeds. A person gets wealth, honor and respect and lives a happy life only by his deeds. These 3 great learnings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji also lead to excellence in one’s actions. Let’s know.

Guru Nanak Ji Three Big Lessons

chant the name

God is situated all around, whether it is human, direction or trees and plants. Mere remembrance of the Lord fills life. Guru Nanak ji says that only the path of religion gives success in life. For this, by worshiping God i.e. chanting the name of the Lord, all the troubles are solved. By chanting the mind becomes concentrated and spiritual-mental power is obtained. Nanak ji has given two methods of chanting the name of the Lord, the first should be chanted while staying in the sangat (circle of holy saints), the second should be chanted in solitude.

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honest work

One who does honest work is always paved on the path of progress. Nanak Dev Ji has said that Don’t think about it, don’t think about it. Chupai chupi na howai, je lai rahalivatar.’ It means to say that the solution does not come by mere thinking, that is, the goal cannot be achieved unless you work sincerely. Similarly, being physically silent cannot be silenced. Inner peace and calmness are very important for success. Nanak ji says that a true seeker is the one who always remembers God while doing good deeds.


Charity is the biggest religion. Guru Nanak ji says that one who has the spirit of renunciation, the power of faith never suffers in his life. According to a story, once Guru Nanak ji was with two sons and Lehna (Guru Angad Dev). A dead body was covered in front of him, Nanak ji asked – who will eat it. The sons remained silent but Lehna agreed to eat it because she had faith in the guru. When the cloth was removed, holy food was found there. Lehna accepted it by dedicating it to the Guru. On this basis, people of the Sikh community take out one-tenth of their earnings for charity, which is called Dasavandh. This is how the anchor runs.

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