Have to burn 400 calories daily? With this powerful formula, one kg weight will be reduced in 1 week

Weight Loss Without Exercise: Obesity has become a serious problem nowadays. Increasing obesity means you are increasing the risk of many other serious diseases. You must have noticed that often obese people are at increased risk of deadly diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer and even corona virus. Often doctors or experts say that to stay healthy and fit, it is most important that your weight should always be under control.

Lose weight with these easy tips, not an expensive gym

Now the question arises that what should be done to lose weight? The doctor says, ‘To lose weight, the gym and diet should be kept perfect.’ Many people do not have the money to make expensive gyms and diet plans, so what to do in this situation? In such a situation, we have brought some great tips for you, by following which you can easily lose weight in a few days.

According to doctors, 10,000 steps should be walked daily. By doing this your weight will always be under control. It will also help you to stay healthy and fit. It has also been revealed in many research that if you really want to lose weight, then you should walk 10,000 steps daily in any way. There are many people who do not go to the gym because of being lazy or busy. These tips are very useful for such people. Doctors also say that you can lose weight by walking.

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10 thousand steps
Walking 10 thousand steps daily can be a bit boring. So if you want to bring some adventure in it, then you can do one thing. Whenever you are going for morning walk, invite your friends also. So that you can comfortably complete 10 thousand steps while talking and joking with each other.

300-400 calories can be burned

According to the doctor, walking 10 thousand means that every day you are walking for half an hour. By walking 10 thousand steps daily, you can burn about 300 to 400 calories. Which means you can lose weight fast.

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