Health Tips: Drinking more water can cause water weight problem, how to avoid it

Water Weight: You must have heard that water is very good for health. People should keep their body hydrated as much as possible. Water is most important to improve the face or if there is any problem related to kidney. Doctors also advise drinking more water to lead a healthy life. But do you know that due to excess water in the body, many diseases can arise? One of these is the problem of water weight. Let us know what is water weight and how to avoid it?

What is water weight?

When excess water accumulates in the body due to which your weight starts increasing suddenly, it is called water weight. Due to excess water in the body, there are problems like swelling in the body, accumulation of fat in the stomach. Apart from this, consuming too much salt can also cause this problem in your body.

Why there is a problem of water weight

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1. High intake of sodium: Excess salt (sodium) in the body also causes the problem of water stomach. If you are eating more salt and drinking less water, then this imbalance fills extra fluid in the body.

2. Less Physical Activity: Not doing physical activity also causes the problem of water weight. Often people sit with their legs hanging for a long time or due to work-from-home, our ankles get swollen due to sitting at the same place.

3. Eating more medicine: There are some such medicines, on the use of which one becomes a victim of waterweight. For example, taking blood pressure medicines, taking antidepressants or chemotherapy drugs causes water retention and the amount of water in our body increases.

What to do to reduce water weight?

1. Reduce Sugar Intake: To reduce water weight, reduce the amount of sugar from your diet. Sugar can increase the amount of water in your body, due to which your body looks bloated.

2. Salt intake: Due to excessive consumption of salt, excess amount of water starts to remain in the body, due to which swelling starts coming in the body. In such a situation, reduce the salt in your diet to make the water weight work. The body needs only 2300 mg of salt per day, consuming more than this should be avoided.

3. Include potassium in the diet: To reduce water weight, include potassium-rich foods in your diet. Potassium also works to improve the nervous system by strengthening the muscles of the body.

4. Avoid junk food too: Avoid consuming junk food, oily food to reduce water weight. Consuming this type of diet can increase the amount of water weight in the body.

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