Health Tips: There are 3 types of diabetes, know which type is the most dangerous

Health Advice: Every year lakhs of people are falling prey to diabetes in India. Although there are two types of diabetes, but in some cases, type 3 diabetes has also been seen. The problem of diabetes is increasing due to wrong eating habits, changing lifestyle. Children, youth and even the elderly are falling prey to it. In this article, let us know the difference, symptoms and what needs to be avoided the most in diabetes type 1,2,3.

diabetes type-1

This is called the first stage of diabetes. Type-1 diabetes was for some time referred to as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes. In this stage, the pancreas of the patient’s body makes little or no insulin at all. Genetics and certain viruses can cause type 1 diabetes. It usually starts developing during a person’s childhood or adolescence. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. It can be maintained at low levels with insulin, balanced diet and lifestyle changes.

diabetes type-2

Due to type 2 diabetes, the blood circulation, nervous, and immune system in our body can be affected. In this stage of diabetes, the pancreas of the patient’s body is not able to make insulin as per the need or in sufficient quantity.

diabetes type 3

Type 3 diabetes occurs in very rare cases. Sometimes it is mentioned in some cases when a patient with type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s during or after treatment. Alzheimer’s disease, in which a person’s memory becomes weak and can also end. The biggest reason for this is immunity to a particular type of insulin and the brain does not work at all by applying insulin. According to doctors, it is said that the most serious stage of these three occurs in type 3 diabetes.

Symptoms of type 3 diabetes

  • Memory loss that affects everyday activities and social interactions
  • difficulty completing tasks
  • often forgetting to put things somewhere
  • Not being able to take any decision. sudden changes in personality or behavior
  • trouble writing, speaking, and understanding
  • mislead

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