Heavy fall in crypto market, bitcoin slips below $20,000, other cryptos also fell

Cryptocurrency Rate Today 8 November: The cryptocurrency market is seeing a decline in Tuesday’s trading session. The cryptocurrency market is seeing a decline of about 3.83 percent today. Top cryptos like bitcoin are down about 5 percent today and are seeing prices below $20,000. The market cap of the crypto market has fallen below $1 trillion. It currently has a market cap of $981,996,665,189.224.

bitcoin rates
If we look at the trade of the last 7 days, there is a decline of 4.16 percent in bitcoin at this time and it is trading at $ 19,742 per token. its price again
It has slipped below $ 20,000, due to which its investors are facing disappointment today.

Ethereum Rates
Ethereum’s rate is at $ 1,489.57 and if we look at the trade of the last 7 days, it is trading at a decline of 6.33 percent. The price of Ethereum is trading with a weakness of 4.87 percent today compared to yesterday.

BNB rates
The rate of BNB is seeing an uptrend today and it is trading at $334.65. If you look at its 7 days price, then it is showing a strength of 2.25 percent. At the same time, it is trading with a jump of 1.58 percent in the trade from yesterday to today.

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Binance USD Rates
There is a slight increase of 0.01 percent in the rate of Binance USD and it is slipping in the red mark again and again.

XRP rates
There is a decline of 6.18 percent in the rate of XRP today and a decline of 4.94 percent is being seen in 7 days of trade. Its rate remains at $ 0.4384.

Dogecoin Rates
There is a huge drop in the rate of Dodgecoin and it has broken 29.57 percent in the 7-day trading session. At the same time, a decline of 11.34 percent has been registered from yesterday till today. This crypto is trading at $0.012.

Rates of Solana
Solana is currently at $ 28.27 and if you look at 7 days’ trade, then 14.06 percent and if you see 1 day’s trade then it is trading with a decline of 9.75 percent.

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