Hepatitis C drug can be used to treat malaria

Every year many people die due to malaria in India. Malaria is caused by the bite of female Anopheles mosquito. These mosquitoes are more in the rainy season. In malaria, a person has problems of fever, headache, vomiting. This disease is mostly found in most of the countries of Sahara Africa and Asia. Odisha accounts for the highest number of malaria cases in India. After this, most of the cases of this disease are also registered in the tribal belt of Shillong and Tripura. Malaria is also of different types and its symptoms can vary from person to person.

Meanwhile, scientists at the Molecular Medicine Special Center of Jawaharlal Nehru University have found a drug to treat malaria. In fact, scientists found in research that Alisporivir, a drug that prevents hepatitis C, can be used in the treatment of drug-resistant strains of malaria. Please tell  Parasites of Plasmodium species cause malaria. They are also of different species. But, there are only 5 species that infect humans. These include Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium ovale, Plasmodium malariae and Plasmodium knowlesi.


In malaria, a person has fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, chills, fatigue, abdominal pain, etc.

Plasmodium falciparum malaria deadliest 

According to scientists, among all the 5 species of Plasmodium, malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum still remains the deadliest disease. Professor Shailja Singh, one of the researchers associated with this research, said that the drug Elisporivir is effective in controlling and preventing malaria and its preclinical trials have also been successful. He said that this drug will be sent for further trials and this drug will prove effective in saving lives of people from malaria. 

Elisporivir is a non-immunosuppressive analog of cyclosporin A that inhibits the activities of cyclophilins with antiviral properties. In this research, it was said that when taken orally, Elisporivir can target the human body’s target cyclophilin, which reduces the growth of hepatitis C virus in hepatocytes.

According to ICMR, Odisha accounts for the highest number of malaria cases in India. Whereas, in the tribal belt of Tripura and Shillong, the maximum number of cases of P. vivax malaria are recorded. Although this malaria is not fatal, but its infection is serious. Professor Shailja Singh told that if it is not treated on time, it can cause major health problems.

Mosquirix is ​​the world’s first malaria vaccine 

According to a report, every year about 290 million people get infected with malaria and more than 4 lakh people lose their lives due to this disease. In 2021, the World Health Organization recommended the world’s first vaccine against malaria  Moscurix. It is the first vaccine against malaria that has passed clinical trials and received a positive response from the European Medicines Agency, a regulatory body.

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