Hing ka Achar Recipe: Asafetida pickle is very beneficial in winter, learn how to make it here

Hing pickle recipe: Asafoetida gives many benefits to the body. Put a small piece of it in any vegetable, then the test of that vegetable increases. Also, asafoetida is very good for asthma patients. Be it the problem of gas or cough in the stomach, you can get rid of all these by using asafoetida. But some people find its taste strange in vegetables, so today we are going to tell you the recipe of asafoetida pickle through this article. Yes, the taste of asafetida pickle is so tasty that it hardly comes in any pickle. So let us tell you how to make asafetida pickle.

Asafoetida pickle is very beneficial in winter

First of all, take 1 kg raw mangoes to make asafetida pickle. After this, you have to take 100 grams of salt, 25 grams of red chili and 10 grams of asafoetida. So let’s start the recipe for making pickle.. You have to wash and dry the mango properly, so that there is no soil on the mango. After drying, take out the stalk from it, then peel the mango and grate it in a grater. You have to tighten its fork in small parts. After that mix salt in these small parts. You have to keep it mixed with salt for at least 8 to 10 hours. After that filter it with water. Keep in mind that you strain it in a sieve only so that the pulp of mango remains on top and the water comes out completely from it.

Learn how to make it here

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After this, you dry this pulp in the sun to dry it well. When the flesh of the mango dries well, mix the juice, salt, chili and asafoetida, and keep it. Your asafoetida pickle is ready. Keep in mind that this pickle will be ready in 10 to 12 days. Be sure that this pickle will benefit you a lot in taste as well as in health and if you take it with food, the taste of the food will increase even more. Always keep one thing in mind that you should not eat this pickle in excess, otherwise it can also cause harm.

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