Hormonal acne has become a big problem, know how the body is affected

Acne Problem: Acne can happen to anyone at any age. acne in both men and women Have to face the problem. Although the problem of acne decreases with increasing age, but some acne can also occur with increasing age. In such a situation, it is very important for you to take care of some things to avoid this problem. Today we will talk about what are hormonal acnes and why do they happen.

how many types of acne are there

Now you must be wondering what is this hormonal acne? Actually, there are many types of acne like teenage acne, hormonal acne, menopause acne and acne caused by dandruff.

Know about hormonal acne

These acnes are caused due to hormonal changes in our body. For this, many conditions can be responsible from the fluctuations of hormones in our body to breakouts. This problem occurs during adolescence. However, hormonal acne menopause and Can also happen in pregnancy.

it is common in womenTrouble

According to a study, this problem occurs in about 50 percent of girls aged 20 to 29 years and 25 percent of women aged 40 to 49 years. She is troubled due to pimples every day.

Know what are the symptoms of hormonal acne

  • Pimples occur around the cheeks and jawline.
  • Too many blackheads, formation of whiteheads or cysts
  • excessive oily skin
  • body swelling
  • sensitivity

Why do hormonal acne happen?

The main cause of hormonal acne is the change in the androgenic level, due to which too much oil is released from the oil gland. Irregular periods in adolescence are also responsible for this. Whereas, excessive use of birth control pills by women several times can also lead to changes in androgenic levels which lead to hormonal changes. At the same time, eating more oil, spices and chicken can also be the reason for this.

How to control hormonal acne

  • Do not use birth control pills
  • Cleanse the skin and take care of it.
  • drink more water
  • Follow healthy diet as well as pay attention to yoga and exercise.
  • Minimize the use of chemical products
  • Take special care of the skin when you have acne.
  • Show the dermatologist if the problem increases.

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