How correct it is to go for morning walk in winter, what is the right time and method

Walk In Winter: Morning walk is advised to everyone to stay fit and fine. It is said that morning walk of 2 to 3 kilometers keeps the body fresh and energetic throughout the day. Although there are many benefits of morning walk, but going out for morning walk in winter season can be harmful for you. However, if you come out according to the right preparation and time, then you can definitely avoid the cold. Actually, special care has to be taken of the body in the cold season because the risk of viral infection increases at this time. A little carelessness can make you sick. Cold air and the moisture present in it are harmful for the body, in such a situation laxity can be harmful for health.

In the capital Delhi, due to pollution, morning walk becomes even more dangerous. Especially if the elderly go for a walk in the morning, then they should take special care. Cold air and poisonous gases increase diseases related to heart and lungs. People who have asthma problem should also avoid morning walk in cold. Know that if you go out for morning walk in winter, then what is the right time for it and what preparations you should make.

air becomes deadly in winter

Air pollution is at its peak in winter. You all are aware of the condition of the capital Delhi.
Particles of poisonous gases like CO, CO2, so2 and no2 are present in the morning air which is harmful for the body. Due to this, diseases like heart, lung, cancer and COPD can occur.

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what is the right time

According to health experts, going for morning walk in the winter season is beneficial after 7:00 am when light sunlight comes out. Exercising after the sun rises will make you feel fresh as well as protect you from the cold wind.

the elders leave at this time

If there are elders in your house and they have a habit of morning walk, then do not let them go for morning walk in winter. In cold weather, the elderly should go for a walk around 11:00 or 11:30 in the morning, so that their health will not be affected by cold air and toxic gases.

Do this preparation before going on a walk

wear warm clothes

If walking in the morning has become your habit, then wear warm clothes before going out for a walk in the winter season. Warm clothes will not only save you from cold but also keep heat in the body.

don’t drink cold water

Never drink cold water in winter before and after going on a walk. This has a wrong effect on the body and you can become ill. If you are extremely thirsty for water, then take lukewarm water.

such people stay away from morning walk

People who are suffering from asthma should not go for walk in winter. In fact, continuous breathing in smog-filled air can cause irritation of the respiratory tract, swelling of the pipe, congestion in the lungs and chest. This can increase the problem of asthma patients.

Heart patients should avoid morning walk in winter. Actually, the heart has to work harder to keep the body warm and this increases the risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest.

Patients of BP and Arthritis should also avoid morning walk.

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