How desi ghee makes bones strong without calcium and protein, learn here

Desi Ghee For Bone Health: The two things that surprise the most about desi ghee are that how bones become strong by eating ghee because ghee does not contain calcium and protein. Along with this, ghee itself is fat, so how does eating ghee help in weight loss! A research related to reducing obesity has revealed that a special type of fat is found in desi ghee, which does not work to increase fat in the body. If desi ghee is eaten in limited quantity every day, the saturated fat found in it helps in weight loss.

130 calories are found in one spoon of desi ghee. Fat is 15 grams, sugar is zero grams, carbohydrate is 0 and protein is also zero and calcium is also zero percent. Now the question arises that when ghee does not contain calcium and protein, which make bones strong, then how do bones become strong by eating ghee?

How does ghee benefit bones?

  • Vitamin-K2 is found in desi ghee. The specialty of this vitamin is that it helps in the absorption of calcium in the bones. Especially Vitamin-K2 works to strengthen the bones by taking calcium from the arteries. Along with this, it also works to keep the arteries blockage free.
  • Vitamin-D is found in pure ghee prepared from desi cow’s milk. Vitamin-D is also an essential nutrient for bone strength and it also helps bones to absorb calcium, which makes bones strong. That is, you can say that ghee does not make bones strong directly, but the nutrients found in ghee do such chemical reactions in the body, through which bones become strong.

effect of desi ghee on bones

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  • Apart from Vitamin-K and Vitamin-D, desi ghee helps in maintaining healthy bones in many other ways. For example, regular consumption of desi ghee strengthens immunity. The intestines are cleaned, due to which the absorption power of the intestines becomes good. Consumption of ghee also improves the digestive system.
  • When all these parts of the body work properly, then we fall ill less, which directly benefits our health. Our body becomes healthy and bones become strong. Because our body gets all the nutrients in the right quantity. People who have weak immunity or digestive system, they fall sick very often, due to which the balance of essential nutrients in their body gets disturbed and it also affects the bones.

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