How do electric cars work? Understand technology, know the types of electric car

Electric Car : The trend of people towards electric cars has increased rapidly. People have now started talking about electric cars. Have started thinking about buying it too. A major reason behind this is the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. Electric cars do not run on petrol-diesel or other fuel, they run on batteries. So, have you ever wondered how it works? If you have not thought, then let us force you to think. Some major components play a major role in running an electric car. In today’s news we will talk about this.

Some components play a big role in any electric car. These include the battery, charge port, DC/DC converter, electric traction motor, onboard charger, power electronic controller, thermal system, traction battery pack and transmission.

Electric Car Types

    • There are three types of electric cars. Let’s know about them.
    • Plug-in electric: This car runs completely on electricity and this power is available only when this car is charged by plugging it.
    • Plug-in-hybrid: Mainly this car runs on electricity, but along with it the facility of conventional fuel engine i.e. petrol or diesel engine is also provided. In this case, you can run the car on petrol or diesel engine once the charge is over.
    • Hybrid-electric: This car mainly runs on petrol or diesel engine, but along with it the facility of electric battery is also provided, which is charged through regenerative braking. The battery of this car does not have to be plugged in and charged.

how does electric car work

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All-electric vehicles (also known as battery electric vehicles (BEVs)) use a battery pack to store the electrical energy that powers the motor. The batteries are charged by plugging the vehicle into an electric power source. The auxiliary battery serves to power the accessories of the electric vehicle. With this power the wheels of the car rotate, and the car starts moving. According to edfenergy, electric cars run faster than vehicles with conventional fuel engines (petrol or diesel). As such, electric cars feel lighter to drive.

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