How does FIFA, the organization that manages football worldwide, earn thousands of crores of rupees from football?

FIFA Earning: FIFA, the organization that manages football all over the world, earns a lot, but everyone wants to know about how this income is generated. FIFA organizes the World Cup every four years, for which football fans around the world go crazy. Apart from this, there are some events which are organized by FIFA at certain times. The country where the tournament is held gets money like FIFA.

Apart from this, big prize money, providing travel and accommodation to teams and making a donation are part of FIFA’s expenses. Every four years, FIFA gives information about its account. Between 2015-18, FIFA earned $ 6.4 billion (about Rs 52207 crore). Let us know how this entire earning is done.

How does FIFA make money?

The biggest part of FIFA’s income comes from selling TV broadcast rights. FIFA earned $ 4.6 billion (about Rs 37529 crore) from TV rights between 2015-18. Big brands pay FIFA to advertise during events. Before the 2018 World Cup, FIFA had earned $ 1.66 billion (about Rs 13543 crore) through marketing rights. The organization earns a lot from the sale of tickets also because the sale of tickets is very high, especially at the time of the World Cup.

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FIFA also earns by licensing its products. For example, the game maker EA partnered with them to use the FIFA name and signed a 20-year contract. FIFA has earned a lot in this partnership. Similarly, they earn in other ways by licensing the product.

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